Horner syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad


Typical rights of Horner’s syndrome to a certain size of the pupil, one of its government-dependent eyelids and a created sweating on the own side of our face. Horner syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad

Horner syndrome is the result of another problem. In some cases, no other cause can be found. There is no possible treatment for Horner syndrome, but treating the relationship-related cause can keep nerve functioning normally.

Horner syndrome is also known as Horner-Bernard syndrome or oculosympathetic palsy.


Horner syndrome only looks at one side of the face. Interesting circumstances and feelings are:

The reasons

Horner syndrome is caused by damage to a possible signaling pathway in the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system, heart rate, pupil size, sweating, rights and the other functions that allow you to quickly get on with those around you. Horner syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad

The nerve pathway influenced in Horner’s syndrome is located in three groups of nerve cells.

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