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Hypospadias (hi-poe-SPAY-dee-us) is a birth defect (congenital disease) in which the opening of the urethra is at the bottom of the penis instead of at the end. The urethra is the tube through which urine flows from your bladder into your body.

Hypospadias is common and does not cause any difficulty in caring for your baby. The surgery usually restores the normal appearance of your child’s penis. With successful treatment for hypospadias, most men can urinate and reproduce normally. Hypospadias Treatment in Khammam


In hypospadias, the urethral opening is at the bottom of the penis instead of the tip. In most cases, the urethral opening is located in the head of the penis. Less often, the opening is in the middle or at the base of the penis. In rare cases, the opening is in or under the scrotum.

Signs and symptoms of hypospadias can include:

The reasons

In most cases, the exact cause of hypospadias is unknown. Sometimes hypospadias are genetic, but the environment can also play a role.

Risk factors

Although the cause of hypospadias is generally unknown, these factors can be linked to the disease:

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