Ichthyosis vulgaris Treatment in Hyderabad


Ichthyosis vulgaris
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Ichthyosis vulgaris (ik-thee-O-sis vul-GAY-ris) is a congenital skin disease in which dead skin cells accumulate in thick, dry scales on the surface of the skin.

Dandruff from ichthyosis vulgaris, sometimes called fish scale disease or fish skin disease, can be present at birth but usually does not appear until infancy. Sometimes mild cases of ichthyosis vulgaris go undiagnosed because it is thought to be extremely dry skin.

Most cases of ichthyosis vulgaris are mild, but some are severe. Sometimes other skin conditions such as allergic skin eczema are linked to ichthyosis vulgaris. No cure has been found for ichthyosis vulgaris, and treatments focus on controlling the disease. Ichthyosis vulgaris Treatment in Hyderabad


Ichthyosis scales Ichthyosis Scales Open the popup dialog Ichthyosis vulgaris slows down your skin’s natural flaking process.

This leads to excessive and chronic protein production in the top layer of the skin (keratin). Symptoms are:

The reasons

Ichthyosis vulgaris is usually caused by a genetic mutation inherited from one or both parents. Children who inherit a defective gene from only one parent have a milder form of the disease. Those who inherit two defective genes have a more severe form of ichthyosis vulgaris. Children with the inherited form of the disorder usually have normal skin at birth, but develop flaking and roughness in the first few years of life.

When genetic abnormalities are not responsible for ichthyosis, it is called acquired ichthyosis. It is usually linked to other diseases such as cancer, thyroid disease, or HIV / AIDS. Ichthyosis vulgaris Treatment in Hyderabad


Some people with ichthyosis can experience:

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