Idiopathic toe walking Treatment in Hyderabad


Walking on your toes or the soles of your feet, also known as walking on your toes, is common among children who are just starting to walk. Most children pass it.

Children who continue to go beyond infancy often do so out of habit. As long as your child is growing and developing normally, toe walking is unlikely to be a cause for concern. Idiopathic toe walking Treatment in Hyderabad


Walking on your toes is walking on your toes or the sole of your foot.

The reasons

Typically, toe walking is a habit that develops as a child learns to walk. In some cases, the toe walking is caused by an underlying condition, such as:

Risk factors

Habitual toe walking, also known as idiopathic toe walking, sometimes works in families.


Prolonged toe walking can increase a child’s risk of falling. It can also create social stigma.

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