Illness anxiety disorder Treatment in Hyderabad

Illness anxiety disorder Treatment in Hyderabad


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A disease anxiety disorder, sometimes called hypochondria or health anxiety, makes you feel unduly worried that you are or may become seriously ill. You may not have any physical symptoms. Or, you may think that normal physical sensations or minor symptoms are signs of serious illness, even if a thorough medical examination does not reveal a serious illness.

There may be an extreme fear that physical sensations, such as muscle twitching or fatigue, are associated with a specific serious illness. This excessive fear – rather than the physical symptom itself – creates severe stress that can disrupt your life. Illness anxiety disorder Treatment in Hyderabad


The symptoms of the anxiety disorder of the disease involve the idea that you are seriously ill based on normal body sensations (such as a loud stomach) or minor signs (such as a slight rash). Signs and symptoms can include:

  • Be concerned about a serious illness or health problem
  • If you are concerned that minor symptoms or physical sensations mean that you have a serious illness
  • Easily be alerted by your health status
  • Finding little to no consolation in visits to the doctor or negative test results
  • Are you excessively concerned about a particular disease or your risk of developing a disease because it runs in your family

The reasons

The exact cause of the anxiety disorder is unclear, but these factors can play a role:

  • Beliefs. You may find it difficult to tolerate insecurities about uncomfortable or unusual body sensations. This can lead you to misinterpret that all physical sensations are severe.
  • So you are looking for evidence to confirm that you have a serious illness.
  • Family. You may be more likely to have health anxiety if your parents are too worried about their own health or your health. Illness anxiety disorder Treatment in Hyderabad

Risk factors

The anxiety disorder usually starts in early to middle adulthood and can get worse as you get older. In the elderly, health anxiety can often focus on fear of memory loss.

Risk factors for anxiety disorders can include:

  • A time of great stress in life
  • Serious disease threat that turns out not to be serious
  • History of child abuse


Anxiety disorder can be linked to:

  • Relationship or family problems because worrying excessively can frustrate others
  • Work-related performance issues or excessive absences
  • Functional problems in everyday life that can even lead to disabilities
  • Financial problems due to excessive health care visits and medical bills


  • Not much is known about how to prevent anxiety disorders, but these suggestions can help.
  • If you have anxiety problems, contact a professional as soon as possible to keep symptoms from getting worse and affecting your quality of life.
  • Learn to recognize when you are stressed and how it affects your body – and practice stress management and relaxation techniques on a regular basis.
  • Stick to your treatment plan to avoid relapse or to talk about symptoms.

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