Itchy skin (pruritus) Treatment in Hyderabad


Itchy skin is an uncomfortable, irritating feeling that makes you want to scratch. Itchy skin, also known as itchy skin (Proo-RIE-Tus), is often caused by dry skin. It is common in older adults because the skin becomes drier as they age.

Depending on the cause of your itchiness, your skin may appear normal, red, rough, or bumpy. Repeated scratching can lead to raised, thick areas of skin that may bleed or become infected. Itchy skin (pruritus) Treatment in Khammam

Many people find relief through self-care measures such as daily hydration, gentle cleansers, and bathing with lukewarm water. Long-term relief requires identifying and treating the cause of itchy skin. Common treatments include medicated creams, moist bandages, and oral anti-itch medications.


Itchy skin can affect small areas such as the scalp, an arm or leg, or the whole body. Itchy skin can appear on the skin without any other noticeable changes. Or it can be associated with:


Causes of itchy skin are:

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