Jock itch Treatment in Hyderabad



Jock’s itching usually starts with an area of ​​reddened skin in the groin crease. It often spreads in a crescent shape on the top of the thigh. The rash may be ring-shaped and lined with a series of small blisters. It may burn or itch, and the skin may be flaky or flaky.

The reasons

The organisms that cause jock itch thrive in damp, nearby environments. Jock itch is caused by a fungus that spreads from person to person or from sharing contaminated towels or clothing. It is often caused by the same fungus that causes the athlete’s foot. The infection often spreads from the feet to the groin as the fungus can roam on your hands or on a towel. Jock itch Treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

You are at a higher risk of itching if you:


Reduce the risk of itching by following these steps:

Stay dry. Keep your groin area dry. Thoroughly dry your genital area and inner thighs with a clean towel after showering or exercising. Dry your feet last to avoid the athlete’s athlete’s foot from spreading to the groin area.
Wear clean clothes. Change your underwear at least once a day or more often if you sweat a lot. It is helpful to wear underwear made of cotton or some other fabric that breathes and keeps the skin drier. Wash your workout clothes after each use.
Find the right fit. Make sure your clothes fit properly, especially underwear, sports supports, and sports uniforms. Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can rub and rub your skin and put you at increased risk of itching. Try to wear boxers rather than briefs.
Do not share personal items. Do not let anyone use your clothes, towels, or other personal items. Do not borrow such items from others.
Treat or prevent the athlete’s foot. Control an athlete’s foot infection to prevent it from spreading down the groin. If you spend time in damp public places, such as For example, in a gym, wearing sandals will help hold the athlete’s foot in place. Jock itch Treatment in Nizamabad

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