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Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when your tears cannot adequately lubricate your eyes. Tears can be inadequate and unstable for many reasons. For example, dry eyes can occur when you do not produce enough tears, or when you produce poor quality tears. This tear instability leads to inflammation and damage to the surface of the eye.

Dry eyes are uncomfortable. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca Treatment in warangal


Signs and symptoms that usually affect both eyes can include:

The reasons

Risk factors

Factors that make you more likely to have dry eyes include:

Be over 50 years old. Tear production tends to decrease with age. Dry eyes are more common in people over 50.
Be a woman. A lack of tears is more common in women, especially if they are experiencing hormonal changes due to pregnancy, birth control pills, or menopause.


The following complications can occur in people with dry eyes:


If you have dry eyes, be aware of situations that are most likely to be causing your symptoms. Then find ways to avoid these situations in order to prevent your dry eye symptoms. For example:

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