Leg fracture Treatment in Hyderabad

Leg fracture Treatment in Hyderabad


A broken leg (broken leg) is a break or tear in one of the bones in the leg. Common causes are falls, traffic accidents and sports injuries.

Treatment for a broken leg depends on the location and severity of the injury. A severely broken leg may require surgery to implant devices into the broken bone and maintain proper alignment while it heals. Other injuries can be treated with a cast or splint. In either case, prompt diagnosis and treatment of a broken leg is essential to a full recovery.


A broken thigh (femur) – the strongest bone in your body – is usually obvious as it takes a lot of force to break. But fractures in your tibia – the main supporting bone in your leg – and the bone that runs along your tibia below the knee (fibula) can be more subtle. Leg fracture Treatment in Hyderabad

The signs and symptoms of a broken leg can include:

  • Severe pain that may work with movement
  • swelling
  • tenderness
  • Bruises
  • Obvious deformity or shortening of the affected leg
  • Inability to walk

The reasons

There are several ways you can break your leg, including:

  • Yes. A simple fall can break one or both of the bones in your leg. However, it is unlikely that the femur will be broken without further trauma.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. The bones of all three legs can break in a traffic accident. Fractures can occur if your knees get caught on the dashboard in an accident.
  • Sports injuries. Overstretching the leg in contact sports can lead to a broken leg, as can a direct hit, e.g. B. from a hockey stick or the body of an opponent.
  • Child abuse. In children, a broken leg can be the result of child abuse, especially if the injury occurs before the child can walk.
  • Overuse. Stress fractures are tiny cracks that develop in the supporting bones of your body, including your shin. Tension fractures are usually caused by repeated force or overuse, e.g. B. over long distances. However, they can also occur with normal use of a bone that has been weakened by a disease such as osteoporosis. Leg fracture Treatment in Hyderabad

Risk factors

Stress fractures are often the result of repetitive stress on the leg bones from physical activity such as walking.

  • business
  • Ballet dance
  • basketball
  • Go
  • Contact sports like hockey and soccer can also present the risk of direct blows to the leg, which can lead to a fracture.

Stress fractures outside of sports situations are more common in people who:

  • Decreased bone density (osteoporosis)
  • diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


Complications from a broken leg can include:

  • Pain in the knee or ankle. A broken bone in your leg can cause knee or ankle pain.
  • Poor or delayed healing. A badly broken leg may not heal quickly or completely. This is especially common with an open fracture of your tibia due to decreased blood flow to that bone.
  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis). When you have an open fracture, your bone can be exposed to the fungus and bacteria that can cause infection.
  • Damage to nerves or blood vessels. The broken leg can injure nearby nerves and blood vessels. See a doctor right away if you experience any numbness or circulation problems.
  • Compartment syndrome. This neuromuscular condition causes pain, swelling, and sometimes disability in the muscles near the broken bone. This is a rare complication that is more common in high-impact injuries, such as: B. in a car or motorcycle accident.
  • Arthritis. Fractures that extend into the joint and poor bone alignment can lead to osteoarthritis years later. If your leg starts to hurt long after taking a break, see your doctor for assessment.
  • Uneven leg length. A child’s long bones grow on the ends of the bones in softer areas called growth plates. Eventually, when a fracture crosses a growth plate, that limb may become shorter or longer than the opposite limb.


A broken leg cannot always be avoided. However, these basic tips can lower your risk:

Strengthen your bones. Foods high in calcium like milk, yogurt, and cheese can help strengthen bones. Leg fracture Treatment in Hyderabad

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