Leukemia Treatment in Hyderabad


Leukemia is cancer of the hematopoietic tissue in the body, including the bone marrow and lymphatic system.

There are many types of leukemia. Some forms of leukemia are more common in children. Other forms of leukemia mainly occur in adults.

Leukemia usually affects white blood cells. Your white blood cells are powerful fighters against infections – they usually grow and divide in an orderly manner depending on how your body needs them. However, in people with leukemia, the bone marrow produces an excessive amount of abnormal white blood cells that do not function properly. Leukemia Treatment in Hyderabad


The symptoms of leukemia vary depending on the type of leukemia. Common signs and symptoms of leukemia are:

The reasons

Risk factors

Factors that can increase your risk of developing certain types of leukemia include:

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