Lymphadenitis Treatment in Hyderabad


Your lymph nodes, also called lymph glands, play an important role in your body’s ability to fight infections. They act as filters and catch viruses, bacteria and other causes of disease before they can infect other parts of the body. Common areas where you may notice swollen lymph nodes are the neck, chin, armpits, and groin. Lymphadenitis Treatment in Hyderabad


Your lymphatic system is a network of organs, vessels, and lymph nodes in your body. Many lymph nodes are located in the head and neck area. Swollen lymph nodes are often found in this area, as well as in the armpit and groin.

Swollen lymph nodes are a sign that something is wrong somewhere in your body. When your lymph nodes swell for the first time, you may notice the following:

Tenderness and pain in the lymph nodes
Swelling that may be the size of a pea, bean, or even larger in the lymph nodes. Lymphadenitis Treatment in Hyderabad

The reasons

Lymph nodes are small groups of cells, round or bean-shaped. The inside of the lymph nodes is a combination of different cell types of the immune system. These specialized cells filter your lymph fluid as it circulates through your body and protect you by destroying invaders.

Lymph nodes are found in groups, and each group drains a specific area of ​​your body. You may be more likely to notice swelling in certain areas, such as the B. B. in the lymph nodes in your neck, under your chin, in your armpits and in your groin. The location of the swollen lymph nodes can help identify the underlying cause.


If an infection is the cause of your swollen lymph nodes and is left untreated, an abscess can form. Abscesses are localized collections of pus caused by an infection. The pus contains fluid, white blood cells, dead tissue, and bacteria or other invaders. An abscess may require drainage and antibiotic treatment. Lymphadenitis Treatment in Hyderabad

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