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Mastitis is inflammation of the breast tissue that sometimes leads to infection. Inflammation causes chest pain, swelling, heat, and redness. You could also have a fever and chills.

Mastitis most commonly affects women who are breastfeeding (lactation mastitis). However, mastitis can occur in women who are not breastfeeding and in men.

Lactational mastitis can make you feel exhausted and it can become difficult to take care of your baby. Sometimes mastitis causes a mother to wean her baby before she intends to. However, it is better for you and your baby to continue breastfeeding even if you are taking an antibiotic to treat mastitis. Mastitis Treatment in Nizamabad


The signs and symptoms of mastitis can come on suddenly. They can include:

The reasons

The main cause of mastitis is milk trapped in the breast. Other causes are:

Risk factors

Risk factors for mastitis are:


To get your breastfeeding relationship off to a good start and avoid complications such as mastitis, you should meet with a lactation consultant. A lactation consultant can give you great tips and advice on good breastfeeding techniques. Mastitis Treatment in Nizamabad

Minimize your chances of getting mastitis by following these tips:

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