Meralgia paresthetica Treatment Hyderabad

Meralgia paresthetica Treatment Hyderabad


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Meralgia paresthetica is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness, and burning pain on the outside of the thigh. The cause of meralgia paresthetica is the compression of the nerve that makes the skin surface of your thigh feel.

  • Tight clothing, obesity or weight gain, and pregnancy are common causes of paraesthetic pain. However, paraesthetic meralgia can also result from local trauma or a disease such as diabetes.
  • In most cases, paresthetic meralgia can be relieved by conservative measures such as wearing loose clothing. In severe cases, treatment may include medication to relieve the discomfort or, rarely, surgery.Meralgia paresthetica Treatment Hyderabad


Pressure on the lateral femoral nerve, which sensitizes the thigh, can cause the symptoms of meralgia paresthetica:

  • Tingling and numbness on the outside of your thigh
  • Burning pain on the surface of the outer part of your thigh

The reasons

Meralgia paresthetica occurs when the lateral femoral nerve – which feels the surface of your outer thigh – is compressed or pinched. The lateral femoral nerve is a purely sensory nerve and does not affect your ability to use the muscles in your legs.

  • In most people, this nerve easily gets to the thigh through the groin area. In meralgia paresthetica, however, the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is pinched – often under the inguinal ligament that runs along your groin from the abdomen to the thigh.Meralgia paresthetica Treatment Hyderabad

Common problems with this compression are any conditions that cause increased pressure on the groin area, including:

  • Tight clothing such as belts, corsets, and tight pants
  • Obesity or weight gain
  • Wear a heavy tool belt
  • pregnancy

Risk factors

The following can increase your risk of meralgia paresthetica:

  • Extra weight. Being overweight or obese can put pressure on your lateral femoral nerve.
  • Pregnancy. A growing abdomen puts extra pressure on your groin area, through which the nerve of the lateral skin of the thigh runs.
  • Diabetes. Nerve damage from diabetes can lead to paresthetic pain.
  • Age. People between the ages of 30 and 60 are at higher risk.Meralgia paresthetica Treatment Hyderabad

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