Morphea Treatment in Hyderabad


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Morphea (mor-FEE-uh) is a rare condition that causes painless, discolored areas on your skin.

Skin changes usually appear on the abdomen, chest, or back. But they can also appear on the face, arms and legs. Over time, the stains can become firm, dry, and smooth. Morphea tends to affect only the outer layers of your skin. However, some forms of the disease affect deeper tissues and can limit joint movement.

Morphea usually improves on its own over time, although recurrence is common. In the meantime, drugs and therapies are available to treat skin discoloration and other effects. Morphea Treatment in Hyderabad


The signs and symptoms of morphea vary depending on the type and stage of the disease. They include:

The reasons

The cause of the morphea is unknown. It can be caused by an unusual reaction in your immune system. In people at increased risk for morphea, this can be triggered by damage to the affected area, medication, chemical toxins, infection, or radiation therapy.

The condition is not contagious.

Risk factors

Certain factors can affect your risk of developing morphea, including:

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