If the nasal passages are blocked, the airflow is partially or greatly reduced. People who suffer from nasal congestion may also experience a constant feeling of constipation or overwork. Thanks to the operation, the nasal passages are rebuilt to allow a better air flow again.

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Benefits Nasal Correction

Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad
Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad

The nasal passages may be blocked due to various problems. For example, the nasal septum, which divides the nostrils centrally inwardly, can be twisted. This may be due to genetics or an old injury. If the septum is distracted in this way, breathing problems and congestion can occur. Repair of a distended septum is referred to as septoplasty.

Blown-up nose turbinates are another common cause of nasal congestion. Cornets are large bones in the nose that are covered with tissue. The tissue grows in response to environmental influences. Turbines may also swell due to simple changes in air temperature or humidity or due to a disease such as sinusitis. Sometimes this swelling disappears on its own. Chronic inflammation must be operated on to repair it.

Dr. Amar Raghu Narayanan

MBBSMS – General Surgery, M.Ch – Plastic surgery, Plastic Surgeon,
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20% Cost – EMI (Pay Monthly) Available  List of Health Insurance Also

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad

Aging is another common reason for nasal congestion. Cartilage weakens with age and becomes less resistant to the effects of gravity. In this case, the sides of the nose may collapse inwards. The change in shape of the nostrils then hinders the normal air flow.

The airflow can also reduce complications after a previous surgery. In this case, the revision Rhinoplasty can be included in the nasal obstruction. Although the goal of nasal obstruction surgery is to improve airflow through the nasal passages, aesthetic rhinoplasty devices may also be included. This can be for aesthetic reasons or because shape and function often go hand in hand.

Understanding the Procedure

The operation itself depends on why. Your surgeon will work closely with you to find the cause of your nasal congestion. Together, treatment is then determined to treat root causes and improve airflow.

In the case of an absent septum, the cartilage is transformed into a rectilinear passage. With the enlarged turbines, the structure can be completely or partially removed to release the airways. In aging cases, surgeons restructure. Like every peculiarity of the alternative operation, the main objective is the improvement of the airflow. Hyderabad

Recovery and Results

Recovery from nasal congestion is similar to the healing process after a Nose job. You will first notice bruising and swelling. If this dissolves, an improvement of the air ducts is noticeable. Many people see benefits immediately, others see improvements later in the recovery process.

Nasophobic surgery at the Central Texas Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery improves respiratory function and reduces the feeling of constipation to improve the quality of life. If an aesthetic nose job is done at the same time, also make a positive change to your profile.

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