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what is the treatement? How is the treatment done? Who can be treated? (When does the treatment take place?) Who is not eligible for treatment? Are there any side effects? What are the guidelines for post-treatment? How long does recovery take? What is the price of a treatment in India? Are the results of a permanent treatment? What are the alternatives to treatment?

What Is The Treatement?

Rhinoplasty or remodeling of the nose by changing the shape of the cartilage or bone. This type of plastic surgery is very common and chosen by many people. People choose to get rid of someone who is suffering from recurrent injuries. Sometimes it is also done to improve breathing problems. Some people who are not very satisfied with the appearance of their nostrils The changes that the surgeon is likely to make will result in a change in size, angle or tip of the nose. Other changes include the gap between the nostrils and the alignment of the bridge of the nose.

There are some age guidelines that people must follow before deciding to reshape their nose. If this operation is practiced to treat respiratory problems, it can be practiced at any age. However, if this is done, the patient must be in good health. it’s more for girls.

How Is The Treatment Done?

Before starting treatment, you should have an initial discussion with your doctor to determine if you need to undergo a reshuffle. The doctor will conduct a thorough review of your medical history. He will ask you questions about the current status or prescription or over-the-counter medications you are currently taking.

If you have hemophilia or hemophilia, you will be diagnosed with this condition because it can prevent bleeding and bruising.

The doctor then conducts a thorough physical examination, examining the nasal skin inside and out. Your nose will also be photographed from all angles to evaluate your case in the future and serve as a reference during surgery. This helps him decide what changes are needed. You will be asked to do laboratory tests or blood tests.

Patients are advised to stop smoking as soon as possible. You will also be asked to take at least one aspirin from time to time.

Who is entitled to treatment? (When is the treatment finished?)

All patients eligible for rhinoplasty or nasal change.

Who Is Not Entitled To Treatment?

Eligible persons are persons under 15 who develop a development of the bones of the nose. People with hemophilia or other serious conditions should have elective surgery.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Like all rhinoplasties, these are associated with complications or side effects. These include bleeding, infections, and side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Other aspects of rhinoplasty include scissors, difficulty breathing, and a numb nose. During the first two days, patients have inflammation, headache, slight bruising and heavy bleeding.

What Are The Guidelines For Post-Treatment?

Immediately after the operation, the surgeon applies a metal / plastic perforation to the nose to maintain alignment. You are then held in the hospital for several hours to monitor for serious side effects. After nasal remodeling as part of the post-treatment guidelines, you will be asked to start aspirin and ibuprofen for an additional two weeks in addition to the two weeks before surgery. You will also get as much as possible. To reduce swelling at the site of the injury, it is recommended to use a cold compress. Also avoid activities and exercises that tire your body.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

The time required to recover from rhinoplasty or resection of the nose can take from a few weeks to a few months.

What Is The Price For A Treatment In India?

Although the cost of a nasal reconstruction operation depends heavily on the complexity of the operation, it will cost about 20 RS. 40,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs in India.

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Are The Treatment Results Permanent?

If done correctly, the results of the nasal remodeling operation can have lasting results.

What Are The Alternatives To Treatment?

There is no alternative to rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty. For those who do not want to go under the knife, you can opt for adding loads by injecting them into the nose. Nose Reshaping cost in hyderabad

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