Nasal tasks, which are medically referred to as rhinoplasty, involve rebuilding or even reduction. A nose through another shape can not look so soft. During reconstruction, the incisions are made mainly inside (no visible scar), with occasional incisions in the septum (the region that divides the nostrils). The remodeling is done by adding or removing bone and cartilage

If the surgeon likes it, the skin wants to improve on bone and cartilage and it will be sewn. So it can not be right in any way.

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad
Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad.

The original shape of your nose is directly related to your genotype, but what happens if it is broken? Surgery can help you find your natural nose and feel safer. Nasal tasks can be right.

What can I change about it?

Nose surgery can change a lot of things, including size (relative to other facial parts), the width and shape of the profile, the tip of the nose, the size of the nostril, and any asymmetrical features or deviations from a normal shape.

In terms of width, the surgeon typically focuses on the area of ​​the bridge and eliminates unwanted bumps or concave areas of your profile. The tip of the nose can have many changes, e.g. B. a dive, a blow or a broad / bulbous tip.

So, is that the right procedure for me?

You should do this operation yourself instead of trying to fulfill someone else’s dreams. 13 years old, healthy, non-smoker and have set realistic goals, what can be done.

Time for consultation

Get ready to answer the many questions your surgeon has. He must be sure that you do that, not someone else.

If you are satisfied, the surgeon’s approval may be denied. Have a serious talk with the doctor and write your medical report.

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