Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad
Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty recovery

The postoperative nasal package is stored for 48 hours and a nasal splint is placed for 2 weeks to support and protect the new structures during initial healing. The patient is asked to remove the sutures and, if necessary, to change plaster on the 7th day postoperatively. Exposure to cold / swimming / exhausting exercise / face washing during this period is strictly prohibited for the patient. Once the wounds are healed, regular nose cleaning is advised and the patient can resume normal activities. Although the initial swelling subsides in a few weeks, a new nasal contour can take up to a year to fully refine. During this time, we can notice gradual changes in the appearance of the nose as it matures to give a more permanent result. The swelling can come and go and get worse in the morning during the first year following your rhinoplasty surgery.

Due to pain / discomfort at the donor site (chest), the patient requires at least 48 hours of hospitalization as well as regular physiotherapy and breathing exercises in the chest. This type of nose job also takes a bit longer and the nose is usually swollen after surgery.

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Complications/Side Effects

Although this operation can be done as a day care center, it requires a good hospital with surgical staff and anesthesia services. This surgery should not be performed in areas where facilities are inadequate due to complications and possibly the need for multidisciplinary care. Swelling and bruising to the nose, cheeks and eyelids are common side effects. They usually resolve within 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. Bleeding, asymmetries, a possible recurrence of deformities and breathing difficulties are just some of the usual complications. A repair process may require refinement of results. If all preoperative, surgical and postoperative precautions are taken, the complications are negligible.

Nose Reshaping cost in Hyderabad


The results are permanent, but aging can be detrimental. The anatomy and proportions of the nose are very different and the last aspect of a nose job is the result of the anatomy of the patient and the capabilities of the surgeon. An aesthetic change in the nose shape changes a person’s appearance and improves self-esteem. The surgical goal is to avoid the “operated look” and create a natural-looking, properly functioning nose that is in balance and in harmony with other facial features.

Rhinoplasty facts

These procedures are performed to modify, correct or repair the nose.

An in-depth discussion of the patient’s goals, expected outcomes, and possible surgical limitations is an integral part of preoperative planning.

Plastic surgery is usually performed in an outpatient surgery facility under anesthesia.

Support is needed the first day after surgery.

After the operation, several visits to the doctor are necessary for nasal care and optimal results..

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic facial treatment that is usually done to improve the appearance or to restore the nose. During rhinoplasty, cartilage and nasal bones are modified or tissues are added to improve the visual appeal of the Nose. Rhinoplasty is also commonly used to repair nasal fractures. If the nose correction is used to repair broken noses, the goal is to restore the appearance of the nose before the injury. Septorhinoplasty is a related procedure that is used on patients who also have a blocked nose. Septorhinoplasty not only improves the appearance of the nose, but also suppresses internal obstructions and stabilizes structures that can block nasal breathing.

Initial evaluation for rhinoplasty

Cosmetic concerns and expectations need to be discussed in detail before surgery. The surgeon’s recommendations and any particular limitations due to the structure of your nose, face and skin are important to understand and explain. The photos (without makeup) are usually taken before surgery to facilitate preoperative planning, and postoperatively to document postoperative outcomes.

What Happens before Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In most cases, the operation is performed on an outpatient, hospital or operations center. Both establishments can provide high quality care without the expense and inconvenience of an overnight stay. An anesthesiologist monitors vital signs throughout the procedure. Normally, the anesthesiologist will call the day before surgery to check the medical history. Preoperative laboratory examinations should be carried out a few days in advance. Transport after the procedure should be arranged and a person should stay with the patient the first night.

Aspirin or a product containing aspirin should not be taken within 10 days of the date of surgery. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Advil, Motrin, Naprosyn) should not be taken within 7 days of the date of surgery. Many over-the-counter products contain Aspirin or Advil medications. It is therefore important to carefully check all medicines. If you have any questions, call the office or contact a pharmacist. Tylenol is an acceptable analgesic. Prescriptions for painkillers are usually issued before the surgery date and must be completed in advance.

No food or liquids should be taken within 6 hours of surgery. This even includes water, sweets or chewing gum. Everything that happens in the stomach increases the risk of anesthetic complications. Smokers should do their utmost to stop smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes. This reduces cough and postoperative bleeding. During the postoperative period, smokers also experienced problems with tissue repair.

Any illness prior to the day of surgery should be reported to the surgeon’s office as soon as possible. If the disease occurs on the day of the operation, it is best to go to the operations center as planned and assess to see if the surgery is safe.

What happens the day of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It is important that you contact the surgery center on time. Bring all paperwork and forms, including preoperative orders and history sheets. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that should not be put on the head. Leave all trinkets and valuables at home. Remove all makeup with a cleansing cream. Wash your face thoroughly with soapy water and do not apply makeup or cream.

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