Panic attacks and panic disorder Treatment in Hyderabad


A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense anxiety that triggers severe physical reactions when there is no real danger or obvious cause. Panic attacks can be very scary. When panic attacks occur you may think you are losing control, having a heart attack, or even dying.

Many people only have one or two panic attacks in their lives and the problem goes away, maybe when a stressful situation ends. However, if you have had recurring, unexpected panic attacks and have spent a long time in constant fear of another attack, you may have a condition called panic disorder.

Panic attacks, while not life threatening in themselves, can be frightening and affect your quality of life dramatically. But the treatment can be very effective. Panic attacks and panic disorder Treatment in Hyderabad


Panic attacks usually start suddenly without warning. You can strike anytime – driving your car, in the mall, sleeping or in the middle of a business meeting. You can occasionally have panic attacks or they can occur frequently.

Panic attacks have many variations, but symptoms usually appear within a few minutes. After a panic attack ends, you may feel tired and exhausted.

Panic attacks usually include some of these signs or symptoms:

The reasons

It’s not known what causes panic attacks or panic disorders, but these factors can play a role:

Some research suggests that your body’s natural fight or flight response to danger is linked to panic attacks. For example, if a grizzly bear came after you, your body would respond instinctively. Your heart rate and breathing would accelerate as your body prepared for a life-threatening situation. Many of the same reactions occur during a panic attack. However, it is not known why a panic attack occurs when there is no obvious danger. Panic attacks and panic disorder Treatment in Hyderabad

Risk factors

Panic disorder symptoms often begin in late adolescence or early adulthood and affect more women than men.

Factors that can increase your risk of having panic attacks or panic disorders include:


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