Pericardial effusion treatment in hyderabad



You can have a large pericardial effusion with no signs or symptoms, especially if the fluid has increased slowly.

When symptoms of pericardial effusion occur, they can include:

The reasons

Pericardial effusion can result from inflammation of the pericardium (pericarditis) in response to illness or injury. Pericardial effusion can also occur when the flow of pericardial fluid is blocked or when blood collects in the pericardium, e.g. B. as a result of a chest trauma.

Sometimes the cause cannot be determined (idiopathic pericarditis).

Causes of pericardial effusion are:


Depending on how quickly the pericardial effusion develops, the pericardium may stretch a little to accommodate the excess fluid. However, too much fluid causes the pericardium to put pressure on the heart, which prevents the chambers from filling completely.

This condition, called tamponade (tam-pon-AYD), causes poor blood circulation and a lack of oxygen in the body. Tamponade is life threatening and requires emergency care. Pericardial effusion treatment in Khammam

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