What is Phimosis?

Men affected by phimosis have difficulty pulling their foreskin beyond the glans, or head, of the penis, and while this is often normal in babies and youngsters , it can sometimes continue into adulthood. Surgery, manual therapies, medications and penis health cremes are among the treatments available to men affected by this discomforting medical problem.


The most common symptom experienced in phimosis may be a tight foreskin that doesn’t retract past the top or glans of the penis. When the foreskin is pulled back, it can cause discomfort, and should end in paraphimosis where the foreskin can’t be pulled back over the glans again and is stuck. In some cases there could also be scarring on the foreskin, inflammation, bleeding or itching, which can indicate an infection or other medical condition that needs diagnosis. Smegma, the looks of white lumps under the foreskin, could also be present also in some cases, contributing to the matter .


Phimosis is common in male children under three years aged , and doesn’t usually require any sort of intervention. At this early age the foreskin can adhere to the glans of the penis, reducing retractability, but boys grow out of this adhesion with age. Pathological phimosis occurs when the retractability of the foreskin is reduced thanks to an acute or chronic medical condition, like an infection, inflammation, or damage to the foreskin leading to scarring. Congenital phimosis isn’t a results of any medical problem, but simply the presence of a decent or restrictive foreskin from birth that doesn’t loosen as a boy grows into an adult. this is often the foremost common sort of phimosis, and therefore the easiest to treat.


Circumcision is that the commonest treatment performed for cases of phimosis, both as a prevention and as a cure. additionally to total circumcision, partial incisions also can be made into the foreskin to extend retractability. However, consistent with one study published in Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1989, many unnecessary circumcisions are performed per annum on young boys. The foreskin of the penis shouldn’t be fully retractable in many males until adolescence or early adulthood, and yet many boys under the age of 5 are being circumcised to stop phimosis. If you’re under the age of 18, it’s always best to attend until adulthood before pursuing surgical treatments, because the foreskin develops differently in every man.


In a double-blind randomised trial published within the International Brazilian Journal of Urology in 2011, researchers treated 220 boys affected by phimosis with two drugs: betamethasone and hyaluronidase. After two months the boys given a mixture of betamethasone and hyaluronidase improved by 54%, while those given just betamethasone improved by 40%. Both treatments were simpler than placebo, also as safe and well-tolerated by subjects.

Manual Therapy

For those eager to avoid surgery or prescription medications, many doctors recommend a conservative treatment plan involving manually stretching the foreskin. a method of doing this is often through masturbation, actively moving the foreskin up and down during a way that mimics sexual activity . Over time this gently stretches the skin, and improves the elasticity of the foreskin tissues. take care , as rough treatment may causes breakages of the skin and scarring. additionally , doctors have developed a sort of balloon catheter, than can manually help to stretch the foreskin. In one trial published within the Chinese Medical Journal in 1991, treatment with balloon catheters cured 512 boys of phimosis after 3-6 months of treatment.

Penis Health Cremes

Penis health cremes containing vitamins, minerals, natural oils and botanical extracts may benefit the health of the penis skin by improving moisture content, reducing inflammation, and supporting the healing of the tissues. If you’re attempting to manually stretch the foreskin of your penis, under the supervision of a health care provider , application of penis health cremes may support this process. Specialty topical formulas (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) often contain vitamin C for collagen formation, vitamin E because it is that the primary antioxidant found within the skin and should reduce scar formation, and vitamin A which supports wound repair.

Department Of Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Amar (21 Years of Experience) also has several scientific presentations and publications to his credit. MS (Gen Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery) (NIMS) Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery

How long does Phimosis  Surgery Take?

The Phimosis Surgery can take about 1 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Recovery lasts up to 4 weeks after 1 to 3 days at the clinic after surgery.

  • 1 hour surgery
  • 4-5 hour post-surgery recovery in the hospital
  • Discharge by the end of day
  • Full Recovery within 30 days
  • We will advise you the cost after

How much does Phimosis surgery cost?

* Evaluating your condition Based on the evaluation of surgery cost may vary between
* Starting Stage βœ… Rs 15,000/- + TO 35,000/-  Pay in βœ… EMI (Monthly) Option Available and βœ…Insurance
* Limitations Apart from normal risks associated with cosmetic surgery during recovery you may witness

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Advantages of  phimosis

There are several advantages associated with the surgery. Some of the vital advantages are listed below.

No After-pains.

This simply says that you would not experience any sort of difficulties or pain after the surgery. You can feel completely safe and secure. You would feel the way you were normal even after the treatment.

Quick and fast treatment

You would realize very quick results upon using  treatment. You would also find that treatment happen to be good.

It is effective.

The treatment guarantees you that you would be back to your normal style of living once you take up the treatment. You don’t even have to waste your time taking rest due to treatment processes.

Completely safe and secure process

The  treatment is proven to be completely safe and very much secure as the technologies that are incorporated are one among the best ones which make sure that the customer is completely satisfied and there is no sort of pain or difficulty after the treatment.

No side effects.

As the whole process of  treatment is contact-free, one need not have to worry at any point of time regarding the side effects he or she may encounter after the treatment. The treatment completely guarantees that you would not experience any kind of side effects upon undergoing the  treatment.

treatment is been regarded as one of the state-of-the-art treatments which is even recommended by famous doctors for better results. Although you would have to pay much, you would not be disappointed even a bit at the end of the treatment. Only problem that would arise for some is the existence of bruises and small swellings, which is completely normal and would vanish very soon. Therefore, if you are keen about getting rid of acne, you will surely have to try acne laser treatment as it is found to be the best process to get relieved from acne.