Primary aldosteronism Treatment in Hyderabad


Your adrenal glands make a number of essential hormones, including aldosterone. Usually, aldosterone balances the sodium and potassium in your blood. But too much of this hormone can cause you to lose potassium and hold sodium back. This imbalance can cause your body to retain too much water, which increases your blood volume and pressure. Primary aldosteronism Treatment in Nizamabad

Treatment options include medication, surgery, and lifestyle changes.


Primary aldosteronism often does not cause clear symptoms. The first clue that you may have primary aldosteronism is usually high blood pressure, which is especially difficult to control.

Sometimes primary aldosteronism results in low potassium levels. In this case, you may have:

The reasons

Common conditions that can cause too much aldosterone include:

Cancer growth on the outer layer of the adrenal gland
A hereditary disease that causes high blood pressure in children and young adults. Primary aldosteronism Treatment in Nizamabad

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