Primary ovarian insufficiency Treatment in Hyderabad


Primary ovarian failure – also known as premature ovarian failure – occurs when the ovaries stop functioning normally before the age of 40. When this happens, your ovaries are not producing normal amounts of estrogen and are not releasing eggs on a regular basis. This condition often leads to infertility. Primary ovarian insufficiency Treatment in Nizamabad

Primary ovarian failure is sometimes confused with premature menopause, but these conditions are not the same. Women with primary ovarian failure can have irregular or occasional periods for years and even become pregnant. However, women with premature menopause stop menstruating and cannot get pregnant.

Restoring estrogen levels in women with primary ovarian failure helps avoid certain complications that result from low estrogen levels such as osteoporosis.


The signs and symptoms of primary ovarian failure are similar to those of menopause or lack of estrogen. They include:

The reasons

Primary ovarian failure can be caused by:

Risk factors

Factors that increase your risk of developing primary ovarian failure include:

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