Renal artery stenosis Treatment in Hyderabad


The narrowing of the arteries prevents normal amounts of oxygen-rich blood from reaching your kidneys. Your kidneys need adequate blood flow to filter waste and remove excess fluid. Reduced blood flow to your kidneys can damage kidney tissues and increase blood pressure throughout your body. Renal artery stenosis Treatment in Nizamabad


Renal artery stenosis often doesn’t cause any signs or symptoms until it gets worse. The condition can be accidentally discovered while testing for something else. Your doctor may also suspect a problem if you:

The reasons

The two main causes of renal artery stenosis are:

Build-up on the renal arteries. Fat, cholesterol, and other substances (plaque) can build up in and on the walls of your kidney arteries (atherosclerosis). As these deposits get larger, they can become hard, reduce blood flow, cause kidney scarring, and eventually narrow the artery. Atherosclerosis occurs in many areas of the body and is the leading cause of renal artery stenosis.
Fibromuscular dysplasia. In fibromuscular dysplasia, the muscle of the arterial wall grows abnormally, often from childhood. The renal artery may have narrow sections that alternate with wider sections, giving a pearly appearance in pictures of the artery.

The renal artery can narrow so much that the kidney cannot get enough blood and can lead to high blood pressure at a young age. It can happen in one or both kidneys. Experts do not know what causes fibromuscular dysplasia, but the disease is more common in women and can appear at birth (congenital). Renal artery stenosis Treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Most cases of renal artery stenosis result from narrowing of the renal arteries. Risk factors that make the arteries in your kidneys and other parts of the body more likely to narrow include:

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