Today’s minivans and modern SUVs are quite elegant and provide aerodynamic efficiency in terms of laminar airflow. If you turn that statement into fuel economy, you’ll find that aerodynamics needs to be greatly improved. The modern soccer-mother has to completely renew her transport possibilities. These companies should make radical changes in shape that may be too advanced or too radical. For example, it does not look like a van or an SUV, it’s ugly, not hip or cool.

Some early users may choose to buy and pilot a radically new design in an SUV or Van, unless that design wins “Cool, The Bomb, Trick, Awesome.” Automobile manufacturers and trade journals test new ideas and designs and conduct numerous surveys before introducing new models. They are ready to sell what they want, and they will throw the wind with a radical design, but there are many EDSEL errors in modern models like the Pontiac Aztec, which has collapsed.

Converting a new model costs millions of dollars and brings years of research and development. We need an SUV that’s more aerodynamic and efficient, but the company needs to get its money where it belongs. We find that environmentalists are dissatisfied with SUVs. Some environmentalist extremist criminal elements sold the biggest SUV, the Hummer. The most efficient SUVs and minivans.

The best design for an efficient minivan would be a complete chassis hull, rear wheel trim or fairing, a bulbous nose and a rounded, tapered tail. The bulbous nose should be carried around in the car; up, down and both sides. Two thirds of the vehicle should be returned to the end of the vehicle. At the end of the vehicle it would be a bit too much to fill out the form.

The scientists studied fluid dynamics concepts for hull design, light aircraft design, trucks and racing cars.

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