Facial rejuvenation – this is really an interesting sentence. What does that mean? It can be a facelift, a forehead lift or even a nose lift. For those of us who have a problem with the size and shape of our noses, facial rejuvenation may be what we think when we think about how we want to deal with the problem. Rhinoplasty is the specific name of the rejuvenation procedure that you perform to make your nose play well with the rest of your face.

A nose job, or better known as “nose job”, will help you to adjust your nose to the rest of your face. It could be too long, too wide, have a catch, be upside down – it really does not matter. The point is, your nose does not really match the rest of your facial features. It’s like the old song from Sesame Street: “One of those things does not belong here, one of those things just does not fit in.” It sounds cruel, but let’s be honest: you thought it at least once when you looked in the mirror. If your nose does not “fuse” with the rest of your face, you will find it difficult to notice anything else in the mirror.

So what does your plastic surgeon do during a nose job to make sure your nose fits your face? Your doctor can change the size of your nose, reshape it, reposition it, and even smooth it out. If you have a distended septum, you can remove it or change your nostrils and the tips can be resized and reshaped. You have the opportunity to have a completely new nose. The most important part is to work with your doctor to make sure that the nose you receive not only works with the rest of your face, but also makes you happy. There is no point in having a procedure if you are not satisfied with the results.

If you have a nose job you will most likely be completely anesthetized. Some plastic surgery is of a type that allows the use of local anesthesia but is probably not recommended for this type. Your doctor needs to work hard and make some pretty fine cuts to bring you your new nose. It will be of the utmost importance that you are as calm as possible. The good news is that you should not have a scar after completing your surgery, as most doctors can do the cuts so they are invisible.

With a nose correction, your entire face can look like it should be together. If you have a thing out of the joint, it can affect the overall symmetry of your face. This symmetry is important to many people, and you may not recognize it, but it directs your gaze to things that you find pleasing.

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