Guys do not find work … or? Oh yes, they do it. In fact, male rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for a variety of reasons.

Men are confronted with the same social images every day as women. You see the chiseled jaws, the fleshy lips and the strong nose of celebrities and male models on the cover of their favorite magazines and in the movies. As a result, more and more men are using plastic surgeons and skin specialists to make small imperfections in their faces.

The nose is the most noticeable feature of the face. In this respect, they are different from women because they tend to want a more feminine look.

But as with women, a small change in facial features can give a man confidence that can improve his personal and professional life. Regardless of the changes, the key is to fit the shape to the face.

Too many fist fights or baseball battles in your childhood may have deformed or lumped you. The cracked and twisted look has become a bad guy, but the growing acceptance of cosmetic changes has changed.

Today’s man is much more concerned about his looks and the visual impact he has on the job market and in the dating scene. The child with suit and tie is not twisted and bumpy.

Aesthetics is not the only reason for a rhinoplasty in men. Respiratory problems after constipation or a malformation of the nose are also corrected by surgery. Of course, this sometimes helps the appearance, but improving breathing is the real improvement.

A distracted septum is a common problem that makes breathing difficult. The septum is the wall of cartilage and bone that separates the nostrils. Other problems include thickening of the mucosa or septum, malformations and enlarged nasal structures.

So what changes can we do with the rhinoplasty? Your surgeon can reduce the width and length of the nose. The tip can be shaped or raised and the nostrils can be reshaped if they are too big or too small. Bumps and rogues can be corrected to improve the line and maintain a more upright profile.

As with any surgical procedure, do a thorough examination of your plastic surgeon. Does he have experience in rhinoplasty in men? There is a good chance that he wishes to, as the number of men using this procedure increases by up to 20% from year to year, according to the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery from 2005 to 2006. What are you looking for and looking for?

Only for women, think again. Check if the male nose job is right for you. It could change your life.

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