Schizotypal personality disorder Treatment in Hyderabad


People with schizotypic personality disorder are often described as weird or eccentric, and generally have little or no close relationships. They usually don’t understand how relationships are formed or how their behavior affects others. They can also misinterpret the motivations and behaviors of others and develop significant distrust of others.

These problems can lead to severe anxiety and a tendency to avoid social situations, as the person with schizotypic personality disorder tends to have certain beliefs and may have difficulty responding appropriately to social cues.

Schizotypic personality disorder is usually diagnosed in early adulthood and is likely to last a lifetime, although treatments like medications and therapies can improve symptoms. Schizotypal personality disorder Treatment in Khammam


Schizotypic personality disorder typically includes at least five of these signs and symptoms:

The reasons

Personality is the combination of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that make you unique. This is how you see, understand and interact with the outside world and see yourself. The personality arises in childhood, shaped by the interplay of inherited tendencies and environmental factors.

In normal development, children learn over time to interact appropriately with others, interpret social cues, and respond appropriately and flexibly to social situations. Exactly what goes wrong in someone with schizotypic personality disorder is not known for certain, but it is likely that changes in brain function, genetics, environmental influences, and learned behavior could play a role. Schizotypal personality disorder Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Your risk of developing schizotypic personality disorder may be higher if you have a parent who has schizophrenia or another psychotic disorder.

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