Sebaceous cysts treatment in hyderabad


Epidermoid cysts grow slowly and are often painless, so they rarely cause problems or require treatment. You can choose to have a doctor remove a cyst if it bothers you, or if it is painful, broken, or infected. Sebaceous cysts treatment in warangal


The signs and symptoms of an epidermoid cyst are:

The reasons

Risk factors

Almost anyone can develop one or more epidermoid cysts, but these factors make you more susceptible:

Have passed puberty
Have certain rare genetic diseases
Injury the skin


The possible complications of epidermoid cysts include:

Inflammation. An epidermoid cyst can become tender and swollen even if it is not infected. An inflamed cyst is difficult to remove. Your doctor will likely postpone the removal until the inflammation subsides.
Fracture. A ruptured cyst often results in a boil-like infection that requires immediate treatment.
Infection. Cysts can become infected and become painful (abscess). Sebaceous cysts treatment in warangal

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