Secondary brain cancer  treatment in hyderabad


Brain metastases can form one or more brain tumors. As metastatic brain tumors grow, they create pressure and change the function of the surrounding brain tissue. These signs and symptoms like headaches, personality changes, memory loss and seizures. Secondary brain cancer treatment in Khammam


The signs and symptoms caused by brain metastases can vary depending on the location, size, and rate of growth of the metastatic tumors.

Signs and symptoms of brain metastases are:

Headache, sometimes with vomiting or nausea
Mental changes, such as B. increasing memory problems

The reasons

Brain metastases occur when cancer cells break away from their original location. The cells can pass through the bloodstream or lymphatic system and spread (metastasize) to the brain, where they begin to multiply.

Metastatic cancer that spreads from its original location is called primary cancer. For example, cancer that has spread from the breast to the brain is called metastatic breast cancer, not a brain tumor. Secondary brain cancer treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Any type of cancer can spread to the brain, but some types of cancer are more likely to cause brain metastasis, including:

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