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The signs and symptoms of Shigella infection usually begin a day or two after contact with Shigella. However, it can take up to a week to develop. Signs and symptoms can include:

The reasons

Infection occurs when you accidentally ingest Shigella bacteria. This can happen if you:

Touch your mouth. Direct person-to-person contact is the most common way the disease can spread. For example, if you don’t wash your hands well after changing a diaper for a child with Shigella infection, you may be infected yourself.
Eat contaminated food. Infected people who handle food can pass the bacteria on to people who eat food. Food can also become infected with Shigella bacteria if grown in a field with sewage.
Swallow contaminated water. Water can become infected with the Shigella bacteria, either through sewage or by a Shigella infected person swimming in it. Shigella infection treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Be a child. Children under the age of 5 are most likely to get Shigella infection. But Shigella can infect people of all ages.
Live in group accommodation or take part in group activities. Close contact with other people spreads the bacteria from person to person. Shigella outbreaks are more common in daycare, paddling pools, nursing homes, prisons, and military barracks.
Live or travel in areas without sanitation. People who live or travel in developing countries are more likely to get Shigella infection.
Be a man who has sex with men. Men who have sex with men are at higher risk of Shigella infection due to direct or indirect oral anal contact during sexual activity.


Shigella infection usually goes away without complications. However, it may take weeks or months for your bowel habits to return to normal.

Complications can be:

Dehydration. Constant diarrhea can lead to dehydration. Signs and symptoms include dizziness, lightheadedness, lack of tears in children, sunken eyes, and dry diapers. Severe dehydration can lead to shock and death.
Seizures. Some children with Shigella infection have seizures. Seizures are more common in children with a high fever, but can occur in children without a high fever. It is not known whether the seizures are the result of the fever or the Shigella infection itself. If your child has a seizure, contact your doctor right away.


Although researchers continue to develop a vaccine against Shigella, nothing is yet available. To prevent Shigella from spreading:

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