Sigmoidoscopy surgery cost in Warangal

Sigmoidoscopy – The Uses and Benefits

What is a sigmoidoscopy?

A sigmoidoscopy is a procedure where by a sigmoidoscope, an instrument that measures at roughly 60 cm long and is about the the width of a finger. The sigmoidoscope is inserted into the anus and slowly elevated into the rectal cavity and into the lower colon. The procedure itself typically takes roughly five to fifteen minutes and it usually conducted with the patient lying on their left side as the sigmoidoscope is inserted.

What is the objective?

There are a variety of goals in going through with a sigmoidoscope. Chief among them is it’s ability to determine the source and / or severity of rectal bleeding. It can also be efficient in obtaining biopsies from colorectal polyps in an effort to ascertain the presence of colon or rectal cancer.


Similar to a colonoscopy there should be a set amount of time given to you by your doctor to restrict intake of all food. Liquid diets and cleansing enemas are sometimes recommended as a means to evacuate the colon of all fecal matter so that a proper examination can take place. Assuring that you have a clean colon is key in providing the best view of whatever damage or problems seem to be persisting. Also, if you have any hip or knee prosthesis you may need to take some precautionary antibiotics at your doctor’s behest beforehand to stave off any potential infection.

Is it painful?

No, sigmoidoscopies aren’t considered a painful procedure. At times the patient might feel a slight pressure, some bloating, or cramping. This is all considered normal and in no means represents any problems you might be having with the procedure.

So what have we learned? Sigmoidoscopies are vital in evaluating the health of a person’s colon and rectum. See a doctor if you have been experiencing rectal bleeding or are worried about potential changes in bowel habits

What is Sigmoidoscopy Treatment?

A sigmoidoscopy, also called a versatile sigmoidoscopy, may be a procedure that lets your doctor look inside your sigmoid flexure by employing a flexible tube with a light-weight thereon . It helps your doctor check for: ulcers. abnormal cells. polyps.


The doctor can treat bleeding that happens during the sigmoidoscopy directly . However, you’ll have delayed bleeding up to 2 weeks after the procedure. The doctor diagnoses and treats delayed bleeding with a colonoscopy or repeat sigmoidoscopy . The doctor may have to treat perforation with surgery.


Your doctor may recommend a versatile sigmoidoscopy exam to: Investigate intestinal signs and symptoms. a versatile sigmoidoscopy exam can help your doctor explore possible causes of abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, changes in bowel habits, chronic diarrhea and other intestinal problems. Screen for carcinoma .

Treatments Sigmoidoscopy

Clinics and Hospitals offering ‘Sigmoidoscopy’ :
Sigmoidoscopy by Continental Hospitals
Address: Plot No. 3, Road No. 2, IT & Financial Dist., Nanakramguda
Need Doctor Consultation?
Cost: 15000.00 (Approx) Sigmoidoscopy in Warangal

Sigmoidoscopy by American Oncology Institute (Serilingampally)
Address: At Citizens Hospital, Nallagandla
Cost: 3400.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre
Address: Plot No. 10-1-1, Bhagwan Mahavir Marg, AC Guards, Masab Tank
Cost: 1500.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Remedy Hospitals (Kukatpally)
Address: Road No.4, Opposite Chandana Brothers Show Room, K P H B Colony
Cost: 1500.00
Estimation: With Viral screening Cost: 2100.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Matrix Hospital
Address: Plot No. 4, 5,14 and 15, Pragati Nagar, Opposite Ramanthapur Lake
Cost: 2200.00

Sigmoidoscopy by KIMS Hospitals (Kondapur)
Address: 1-112 / 86, Survey No 5 / EE, Kondapur Village, Serilingampally Mandal
Cost: 2050.00

Sigmoidoscopy by The Deccan Hospital
Address: 06-6-903 / A and B, Raj Bhavan Road,
Cost: 1000.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 1650.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Care Hospitals – Nampally
Address: Exhibition Grounds Road, Nampally
Cost: 1500.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 2700.00

Sigmoidoscopy by BBR Super Speciality Hospital
Address: No. 7- 4- 194, Balanagar, Ferozguda
Cost: 2200.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 3300.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Premier Hospital
Address: House No. 12- 2- 718, Opposite Quba Masjid
Cost: 1500.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 2300.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Yashoda Hospitals (Secunderabad)
Address: Plot No. 156, Alexander Road, Behind Hari Hara Kala Bhavan
Cost: 2000.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals
Address: 1-2-4 /13 B, Nizampet Road, Hydernagar
Cost: 1500.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 2500.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Citizens Hospitals
Address: Nallagandla
Cost: 3400.00

Sigmoidoscopy by OMNI Hospitals (INCOR Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.)
Address: 4 th Floor, Anushka Pride, Opposite, Ratnadeep Supermarket, Road No. 12
Cost: 2200.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 3000.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Sunshine Hospitals (Secunderabad)
Address: Penderghast Road, Opposite Parsi Dharamsala, Behind Paradise Hotel
Cost: 2000.00
Estimation: With Anaesthesia Cost: 3000.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Star Hospitals
Address: 8-2-596 / 5, Road No. 10, Opposite Karvy Center, Beside Rainbow Hospital
Estimation: OPD Package Cost: 1300.00
Estimation: Cubical Room Cost: 1600.00
Estimation: Semi Private room – Twin sharing Cost: 1800.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 2000.00
Estimation: Deluxe Room Cost: 2200.00

Sigmoidoscopy by Apollo Hospital (Jubilee Hills)
Address: Film Nagar Road, Opposite Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Lane
Cost: 2400.00
Estimation: With Biopsy Cost: 3650.00 Sigmoidoscopy in Warangal

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