Specific phobias treatment in hyderabad


Specific phobias are an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of objects or situations that pose little real danger but cause fear and avoidance. Unlike the brief fear you may experience during a speech or test, certain phobias are long-lasting, cause intense physical and psychological reactions, and can affect your ability to function normally at work, school, or other situations . Social contexts.


A particular phobia involves an intense and persistent fear of a particular object or situation that is disproportionate to the actual risk. There are many types of phobias, and it is not uncommon for a particular phobia to be about more than one object or situation. Specific phobias can also occur with other types of anxiety disorders. Specific phobias treatment in warangal

The reasons

Much unknown is known about the true cause of specific phobias. The causes can be:

Negative experiences. Many phobias arise from negative experiences or panic attacks related to a specific object or situation.
Genetics and the environment. There may be a link between your own specific phobia and your parents’ phobia or fear – this may be due to genetics or learned behavior.
Brain function. Changes in brain function can also play a role in the development of specific phobias.

Risk factors

These factors can increase your risk of certain phobias:

Your age. Specific phobias may first appear in childhood, usually around the age of 10, but later in life.
Your family. If someone in your family has a particular phobia or fear, it is more likely that you will develop them too. It can be an inherited tendency, or children can learn specific phobias by observing a family member’s phobic response to an object or situation.
Your temper. Your risk may increase if you are more sensitive, inhibited, or more negative than the norm.
A negative experience. Experiencing a frightening traumatic event, e.g. For example, being trapped in an elevator or being attacked by an animal can trigger the development of a particular phobia. Specific phobias treatment in warangal


While certain phobias may seem silly to others, for those who suffer from them they can be devastating and cause problems that affect many aspects of life.Social isolation. Avoiding places and things that you fear can lead to academic, professional, and relationship problems. Children with these disorders are at risk for school problems and loneliness, and they can have social skills problems if their behavior is significantly different from that of their peers.
Mood swings. Many people with specific phobias experience depression and other anxiety disorders.
Substance abuse. The stress of living with a severe specific phobia can lead to drug or alcohol abuse.
Suicide. Some people with certain phobias may be at risk of suicide.


If you have a particular phobia, you should consider psychological help, especially if you have children. While genetics likely play a role in developing specific phobias, repetitive recognition of someone else’s phobic response can trigger a specific phobia in children.

Facing your own fears will teach your child excellent resilience skills and encourage them to act boldly like you did. Specific phobias treatment in warangal

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