Sprains treatment in hyderabad
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A sprain is a stretch or tear in the ligaments – the tough ligaments of fibrous tissue that connect two bones in your joints. The most common spot for a sprain is the ankle.

Initial treatment includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Mild sprains can be successfully treated at home. Severe sprains sometimes require surgery to repair the torn ligament. Sprains treatment in Khammam


The reasons

A sprain occurs when you stretch or tear a ligament while putting serious pressure on a joint. Sprains often occur in the following circumstances:

Risk factors

Factors that contribute to sprains include:

Environmental conditions. Slippery or uneven surfaces can make you more prone to injury.
Tired. Tired muscles support your joints less well. When you are tired, you are also more likely to be exposed to forces that could put stress on a joint.
Bad equipment. Badly fitting or badly maintained shoes or other sports equipment can create the risk of sprains. Sprains treatment in Khammam


Regular stretching and strengthening exercises for your sport, fitness, or work activity as part of a general fitness regimen can help minimize the risk of sprains. Try to be in good shape to do your sport. Don’t do your sport to get in shape. If you have a physically demanding job, regular conditioning can help prevent injuries.

You can protect your joints in the long run by strengthening and conditioning the muscles around the injured joint. The best braces you can get are your own “braces”. Ask your doctor about appropriate conditioning and stability exercises. Also, use shoes that offer support and protection. Sprains treatment in Khammam

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