Stenosis, pyloric  treatment  in hyderabad


Normally, a muscle valve (pylorus) between the stomach and small intestine holds food in the stomach until it is ready for the next step in the digestive process. In pyloric stenosis, the muscles in the pylorus thicken and become unusually large, preventing food from reaching the small intestine. Stenosis, pyloric treatment in warangal


Signs of pyloric stenosis usually appear within three to five weeks of giving birth. Pyloric stenosis is rare in babies over 3 months old.

The characters include:

Vomiting after feeding. The baby can vomit violently and expel breast milk or formula up to a distance of several meters (projectile vomiting). Vomiting may be mild at first and gradually become stronger as the opening of the pylorus narrows. Vomiting may sometimes contain blood.
Persistent hunger. Babies with pyloric stenosis often want to eat soon after they vomit. Stenosis, pyloric treatment in warangal

The reasons

The causes of pyloric stenosis are unknown, but genetic and environmental factors may play a role. Pyloric stenosis is usually absent at birth and is likely to develop later.

Risk factors

Risk factors for pyloric stenosis are:

Sex. Pyloric stenosis is more common in boys than in girls, especially in firstborn babies.
Run. Pyloric stenosis is more common in whites of northern European descent, less common in blacks, and rarely in Asians.
Premature birth. Pyloric stenosis is more common in premature babies than in premature babies.


Pyloric stenosis can cause:

Failure of growth and development.
Dehydration. Frequent vomiting can lead to dehydration and an imbalance in minerals (electrolytes). Electrolytes help regulate many vital functions.
Irritation of the stomach. Repeated vomiting can irritate your baby’s stomach and cause easy bleeding.
Jaundice. In rare cases, a substance secreted by the liver (bilirubin) may build up, causing the skin and eyes to turn yellow. Stenosis, pyloric treatment in warangal

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