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One to three days before a rash appears, early signs of Stevens-Johnson syndrome may appear, including:

The reasons

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a rare and unpredictable disease. Your doctor may not be able to identify the exact cause, but the condition is usually caused by medication, infection, or both. You may react to the medicines while you are using them or for up to two weeks after you stop using them. Stevens-Johnson syndrome treatment in Nizamabad

Medications that can cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome include:

Risk factors

Factors that increase your risk of developing Stevens-Johnson syndrome include:

HIV infection. In people with HIV, the incidence of Stevens-Johnson syndrome is about 100 times higher than the general population.
A weakened immune system The immune system can be compromised by organ transplants, HIV / AIDS, and autoimmune diseases.
Cancer. People with cancer, especially blood cancer, are at increased risk for Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
A History of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. If you have had a drug-related form of this disease, there is a risk of it coming back if you use this medicine again.
A family history of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. If an immediate family member has Stevens-Johnson syndrome, you may also be more likely to develop it. Stevens-Johnson syndrome treatment in Nizamabad


Complications of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome are:

Dehydration. Areas where the skin has released loose fluids. And mouth and throat sores can make it difficult to get water, leading to dehydration.
Blood infection (sepsis). Sepsis occurs when bacteria from an infection enter your bloodstream and spread throughout your body. Sepsis is a rapidly growing, life-threatening disease that can cause shock and organ failure.
Eye problems. The rash caused by Stevens-Johnson syndrome can lead to inflammation of the eyes, dry eyes, and sensitivity to light. In severe cases, this can lead to impaired vision and rarely blindness. Stevens-Johnson syndrome treatment in Nizamabad


Consider genetic testing before taking certain medications. United States. The Food and Drug Administration recommends screening people of Asian and South Asian ancestry for a genetic variation called HLA-B * 1502 before starting treatment.
If you’ve had this condition, avoid the drugs that caused it. If you have had Stevens-Johnson syndrome and your doctor has told you that it was caused by a medicine, you should avoid this medicine and others who like it. This is important to prevent recurrence, which is usually more serious than the first episode and can be fatal.

Your family members may also want to avoid this drug because some forms of the disease have a genetic risk factor.

Your family members may also want to avoid this drug because some forms of the disease have a genetic risk factor.

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