Stuttering  treatment  in hyderabad


Stuttering – also known as stuttering or fluence disorder in children – is a language disorder that brings with it common and significant problems with normal fluidity and fluency. People who stutter know what to say, but have a hard time saying it. For example, they can repeat or expand a word, syllable or consonant or vowel. Or they stop speaking because they hit a problematic word or tone. Stuttering treatment in Nizamabad


The signs and symptoms of stuttering can include

Stuttering  treatment  in hyderabad

The reasons

Researchers continue to investigate the underlying causes of developmental stuttering. A combination of factors can be involved. Possible causes of developmental stutter are:

Speech motor control abnormalities. Some evidence suggests that motor language control disorders such as timing, sensory, and motor coordination may be involved.
Genetically. Stuttering tends to run in families. It seems that stuttering can be due to hereditary (genetic) abnormalities. Stuttering treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Men stutter much more often than women. Factors that increase your risk of stuttering include:

Delayed childhood development. Children with developmental delays or other language problems are more likely to stutter.
Having a parent who stutters. Stuttering tends to run in families.
Stress. Family stress, high parenting expectations, or other types of pressure can make existing stuttering worse. Stuttering treatment in Nizamabad


Stuttering can lead to:Communication problems with others
Be excited to speak
Do not speak or avoid situations where there is a need to speak
Loss of participation and social, academic, or professional success
Being bullied or teased

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