Sudden cardiac arrest treatment hyderabad


Sudden cardiac arrest treatment Nizamabad, Sudden cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of heart function, breathing, and consciousness. The condition usually results from a problem with your heart’s electrical system that is interfering with your heart’s pumping action and stopping blood flow to your body.

Sudden cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack, when blood flow to part of the heart is blocked. However, sometimes a heart attack can trigger an electrical disorder that leads to sudden cardiac arrest.


Signs of sudden cardiac arrest are immediate and severe and include:

Sudden collapse
No pulse
No breathing

Sudden cardiac arrest treatment hyderabad
Sudden cardiac arrest treatment Nizamabad

The reasons

The most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest is an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia), which occurs when your heart’s electrical system is not working properly.

The heart’s electrical system controls the frequency and frequency of your heartbeat. If something is wrong, your heart may beat too fast, too slowly, or irregularly (arrhythmia). Often times, these arrhythmias are brief and harmless, but some types can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Risk factors

These include:


In sudden cardiac arrest, reduced blood flow to your brain leads to unconsciousness. If your heart rate doesn’t return to normal quickly, brain damage and death will result. Cardiac arrest survivors may show signs of brain damage. Sudden cardiac arrest treatment Nizamabad


Reduce your risk of sudden cardiac arrest by getting regular medical exams, getting tested for heart disease, and leading a heart-healthy lifestyle. Sudden cardiac arrest treatment Nizamabad

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