Sweet's syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad


Sweet syndrome rash on the back
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Sweet’s syndrome, also known as acute febrile neutrophil dermatosis, is a rare skin disease. He has a fever and a painful rash that mainly affects his arms, face and neck

The cause of Sweet’s syndrome is unknown, but it is sometimes triggered by an infection, disease, or medication. It can also occur in certain types of cancer. Sweet’s syndrome Treatment in Nizamabad

The most common treatment for Sweet’s syndrome is the corticosteroid pill like prednisone. Signs and symptoms may go away but reappear after a few days of treatment.


Signs and symptoms of Sweet’s syndrome include:

The reasons

In most cases, the cause of Sweet’s syndrome is unknown. The condition is sometimes linked to blood cancers such as leukemia, or to solid tumors such as breast or colon cancer. It can also occur in response to a medicine – most often a type of medicine that stimulates white blood cell production.

Risk factors

Sweet’s syndrome is rare, but certain factors increase your risk, including:

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