Teen depression treatment hyderabad


Depression in adolescents is a serious mental health problem that causes persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities. It affects the way your teen thinks, feels, and acts, and can cause emotional, functional, and physical problems. Although depression can happen at any point in life, symptoms can vary between teenagers and adults.Teen depression treatment Nizamabad


The signs and symptoms of adolescent depression are changes in the adolescent’s previous attitudes and behavior that can cause problems and significant problems in school or at home, in social activities, or in other areas of life.Teen depression treatment Nizamabad

Symptoms of depression can vary in severity, but changes in your teen’s emotions and behavior can include the following examples.

The reasons

It is not known exactly what causes depression, but a variety of problems can arise. These include:Teen depression treatment Nizamabad

Risk factors

Many factors increase the risk of developing or causing depression in adolescents, including:
Teen depression treatment Nizamabad


Untreated depression can lead to emotional, behavioral, and health problems that affect all areas of your teen’s life. Complications due to depression in adolescents can include:Teen depression treatment Nizamabad


There is no surefire way to prevent depression. However, these strategies can help. Encourage your teen to:Teen depression treatment Nizamabad

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