What is Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift or “thighplasty” is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin from the inner thigh. It is a procedure that commonly is performed in patients who have lost a large amount of weight and have loose sagging skin on the inner thighs Thigh Lift surgery in hyderabad

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Thigh Lift surgery Hyderabad

What is Thigh Lift Cost? Surgery Cost?

The average Thigh Lift Surgery cost in Hyderabad of Thigh Lift is 15,000/- to 85,000/- (Pay in Monthly or Credit Card) according to 2020 statistics from the India Society of Plastic Surgeons. Thigh Liftcosts can widely vary. The average fee referenced above is only part of the total cost – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.
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Lowest cost (approx) 75,000

Highest cost (approx) 95,000

Benefits of Thigh Lift – Thigh Lift surgery in hyderabad Surgery

Benefits of Thigh Lift

1.The size and shape of the Thigh Lift correspond to the rest of the face
2.Nice Face with a Nice Thigh Lift
3.Nice Structured Thigh Lift
4.Smooth Thigh Lift
5.Confidence Booster

How long does Thigh Lift Hyderabad Take?

The Calf Implants operation can take about 1 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Recovery lasts up to 4 weeks after 1 to 3 days at the clinic after surgery.

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Thigh Lift Considerations in Extreme Weight Loss Patients

The thighs suffer loose and hanging skin after extreme weight loss and often look like ‘wax melting on a candle’. Thigh lifts or thighplasty is the plastic surgery procedure that can address some of these issues. Thigh lifts consist of a variety of procedures that differ based on the location and extent of the procedure. There are inner and outer thigh lifts and vertical and extended vertical thigh lifts, all based on the nature of the excess skin on your thighs.

The outer thigh lift is done as either part of the circumferential body lift or as an isolated procedure. When the circumferential skin cutout of the body lift crosses the outer waistline (actually lower so it is an upper or outer thigh lift), the saddlebag area of the thighs is lifted. The final scar will cross or be just above the hip bone so this area can be quite tight when closed at the time of surgery. Some plastic surgeons choose to anchor the underside of the thigh skin to the tough lining of the hip bone (iliac crest) and this maneuver can be a good one to prevent scar widening later. In the extreme weight loss patient, the extended nature of the sagging ski n around the waistline makes the body lift a logical choice to get a tummy tuck, outer thigh lift, and buttock lift all in one procedure. Isolated outer thighs in extreme weight loss patients is unusual because if one has sagging thighs there will be other areas that sag as well.

Inner thighs lifts consist of two basic types, simplistically those that are oriented horizontally and those that are more oriented vertically. In either type of thigh lift, I don’t recommend doing them until after the tummy tuck or body lift is first completed. This is because these procedures will provide a mild thigh lift effect which may change the amount of thigh skin removed or the incision (cut out) pattern. Either inner thigh lift approach is a compromise. A horizontal inner thigh lift removes a crescent of skin and fat along the groin crease and this is where the final scar will be. A groin crease scar can be long, extending back into the buttock crease, but it is placed in a natural skin crease that is not that visible. A vertical thigh lift usually includes a horizontal excision of skin along the groin crease but also has a long vertical cut out, a T excision pattern. This is a very effective thigh reshaping procedure but results in a long visible scar down the inner thigh. Most extreme weight patients are usually better off with the combined horizontal/vertical inner thigh lift, if the scar is acceptable.



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What is the average cost of a thigh lift?

between $5,000 and $20,000 Typical costs: A thigh lift typically costs between $5,000 and $20,000, according to plastic surgeons at RealSelf.com[1] , and the cost depends largely on the patient and what kind of thigh lift is done.

Where are the scars for a thigh lift?

Thigh lift scars are generally T shaped, the horizontal component lying along the top end of the thigh and the vertical component along the inner thigh right upto the knee. The scar will appear crinkled initially and smoothes and evens out after a period of 4-6 weeks.

Thigh lift Surgery in Hyderabad

cost of Thigh Lift surgery Hyderabad


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FAQ’S About Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift – Cosmetic Surgery

Achieve Shapely Thighs

The thigh lift, a form of cosmetic surgery, gets rid of excess thigh skin and ensures enhanced contours not just for the thigh but also for the lower body. Having attractive, lean, firm and shapely thighs needn’t be just a dream anymore. You no longer have to feel embarrassed about going to the beach in your bathing suit. The thigh lift (thighplasty) can give you more youthful, attractive looking thighs which you can be proud of.

Goodbye to Loose Skin

A thigh lift is the solution for you if you have the following problems:
o Dimpled, flabby or sagging thigh skin as a consequence of weight loss or aging.
o Sticking or rubbing together of the inner thighs when walking or during hot weather.
o Loss in elasticity of thigh or buttock skin.
o Saddle bags.

More about the Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery, carried out under general or ‘twilight’ anesthesia, requires an incision to be made in the thigh area. The length of the incision would differ from patient to patient. What’s great about a thigh lift is that the making of the incision and surgery are so designed that the final scar would be concealed in the crease of the groin, as far as possible. By removing the extra fat and skin, and lifting and tightening the skin that remains, the thigh lift lends the thighs a more streamlined look. Thigh lifts are of two types: medial and lateral, targeting the inner thigh and outer thigh respectively.


Following a thigh lift procedure, a small degree of pain is not uncommon. However, the pain can easily be managed using oral medication. Stitches, if not deep, would usually be removed within ten weeks. The patient would typically be able to return to work two weeks after the surgery.

A Thigh Lift After Weight Loss

After a patient gets bariatric surgery more often than not they will be subject to excess skin and flabby skin in the exact places they didn’t want to have them. The thigh area is a common area in which many people find they will have excess skin from surgery. A thigh lift can help with this problem and can make people feel even better about their bodies knowing that not only have they lost weight but they look great too.

What Thigh Lift Surgery is all About

Many people who have undergone weight loss surgery to get rid of excess weight or improve their health battle with the excess skin. One of the most difficult places to lose weight is the thigh area. As a result bariatric surgery leaves patients feeling hundreds of pounds lighter but also with unwanted excess skin in the thigh area.

The main purpose of a thigh life is to help re-shape or mold the thighs in such a way that they are proportioned to a person’s abdomen, buttocks, and legs. When looking at a person who has had a thigh lift there is a distinct fold separating the buttock and thigh. The front should look smoother and should highlight the muscles in the thigh area. After this surgery the inner thigh should be firm and flat.

Different Types of Thigh Lifts


best Thigh Lift surgeon Hyderabad,Thigh Lift surgery low cost Hyderabad

FAQ’S About Nose Surgery

There are several different types of thigh lifts that an individual can get. The difference between each of these is the type of incision the surgeon will make to get the job done.

Vertical Thighplasty: During this procedure, a surgeon will begin their incision at the groin area which extends to the inner side of the knee. A piece of skin is then removed from the inner thigh area which may show visible scarring once healed.

Inner Thigh Lift: This is the most popular type of thigh life surgeries. This type of surgery is for the inner thigh and is ideal for those who have a moderate amount of excess fat and skin that needs to be removed. The incision is made inside the fold of the groin and then lifts and tightens the skin.
Outer Thigh Lift: This type of surgery is a type of thigh lift that involves an incision made from around the hip area to the groin.

Spiral Thighplasty: This is a significantly new thigh lift procedure. This type of thigh lift will reshape the back, front, outer, and inner thigh area. During this procedure the incision is made just below the buttocks and extends to the crease of the groin area. This surgery is typically done on those individuals that need a massive amount of skin and fat removed from this area.
What a Thigh Lift Procedure Entails

Regardless of what type of procedure you choose the basic elements are the same. The procedure is done with general anesthesia where you will not be conscious and at times can be done where the patient is conscious but sedated. The incisions for the specific procedure you wish to have are made and is followed by the lifting of the skin or an excision. During the surgery support stitches are placed deeply inside the incision areas that helps in supporting and forming the shape of your thigh. Depending on the type of procedure you have and the response your body has to the procedure hospital time will vary.

Risks of a Thigh Lift

The risks of a thigh lift are the same as any other type of surgical procedure. There could be internal bleeding, scarring, infection, improper healing of the wound site, and accumulation of fluid around the incision. Some other risks include numbness in the surgical area, blood clots, dying fat tissue, skin discoloration, and negative responses to anesthesia. Some of the more significant risks include persistent pain, major separation at the wound site, and skin loosening around the area.

Thigh Lift Surgery and Thighplasty

Many people are not happy with the shape of their thighs. In some cases, a thigh lift can help. A thigh lift removes areas of excess skin and can improve the contour of the thighs. But this is major surgery, so anyone considering this should make sure they’ve eliminated other options first.
A thigh lift may be appropriate for anyone who has already lost any excess weight, but still has flabby areas on the front, back or sides of the thighs. Thighplasty can also be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Before a thighplasty procedure, the cosmetic surgeon would measure your thighs, and discuss what is to be achieved. Surgery can be done on the inner thighs, the outer thighs or both. In an inner thigh lift, portions of the skin on the inside of the thighs are removed. Then the skin and muscles are tightened to eliminate bulges on the inner thighs. Outer thigh lift can be appropriate for someone with saddlebags. Medial thighplasty focuses on the upper inside thigh. In a bilateral thigh lift, skin is shaped and contoured all around the thighs.

The surgery will take several hours, at least, depending on how much skin is being removed. Risks include infection, clotting and reaction to anesthesia. After thigh surgery, there will be a great amount of swelling and bruising, as well as pain. Recovery will take several weeks. You should follow all post-operative instructions, including the use of compression garments which can reduce the swelling.
Thigh Lift Surgery to Re-Contour Your Thighs

Thigh lift surgery involves the process of removing excess saggy skin around the thighs thereby enhancing not only the contour of the thighs but also that of the lower body. This procedure increases comfort, with the thighs no longer rubbing against each other.

This surgical procedure helps to effectively address issues such as the following.

Sagging or flabby thigh skin resulting from considerable weight loss or aging.
Inner thighs rubbing against other when walking or in hot weather.
Saddle bags
Loss of elasticity of thigh or buttock skin

Procedural Details about Thigh Lift Surgery

The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the thigh area after providing general or ‘twilight’ anesthesia. The incision length is likely to vary from patient to patient. Usually, the incision is placed in the groin, extending downward and around the back of the thigh. The underlying tissues are reshaped and tightened. Sagging skin is removed and the skin re-draped to provide a more proportionate and attractive contour.

The thighs achieve a thinner and athletic appearance. There are two types of thigh lift surgeries, inner thigh lift and outer thigh lift.

Risk factors and Recovery Period

You can resume normal activities within one or two weeks’ time after the surgery, as the downtime is minimal. However, if you are in a profession requiring strenuous physical activity, it is advisable to take rest for a longer period of time. A special compression bandage is required to be worn by the patient for about two months, post surgery. This helps in shaping the operated area and speeding up the healing process.

There is a risk of infection occurring so you need to be very careful and follow the surgeon’s instructions. Apart from discomfort and pain in the legs, you may experience swelling and bruising during the initial few days after the surgery.

Pain relief medicines are likely to be prescribed by your physician. In case of excessive swelling, formation of blood clots or fluid retention, contact your surgeon immediately. The surgeon will be able to get the problems corrected by way of removing the clots or draining out the fluid.

Thigh lift surgery has a high success rate and is generally considered as a safe procedure, provided you meet all the health pre-requisites. You can undergo this procedure at select plastic surgery centers in Manhattan. Persons having serious health-related problems such as diabetes, blood clotting issues or heart diseases should weigh their options carefully before opting for the surgery. Your surgeon will be able to guide you regarding the risk factors involved in such cases.

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