Transverse myelitis Treatment in Hyderabad



Typical signs and symptoms are:

Pain. Transverse myelitis pain can occur suddenly in the lower back. A sharp pain can move down your legs or arms, or around your chest or stomach. The symptoms of pain vary depending on which part of your spinal cord is affected.
Abnormal sensations. Some people with transverse myelitis report feeling numb, tingling, cold, or burning. Some are particularly sensitive to light touches on clothing or extreme heat or cold. You may feel like something is holding the skin tightly on your chest, stomach, or legs.
Weakness in arms or legs. Some people notice heaviness in their legs, or they stumble or drag a foot. Others may develop severe weakness or even complete paralysis.
Bladder and bowel problems. These can include a need to urinate more frequently, urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, and constipation. Transverse myelitis Treatment in Nizamabad

The reasons

The exact cause of the transverse myelitis is unknown. Sometimes there is no known cause.

Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections that affect the spinal cord can cause transverse myelitis. In most cases, the inflammatory disorder occurs after the infection has healed.

Viruses associated with transverse myelitis are:

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