Tuberculosis Treatment in Hyderabad



Although your body can harbor the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB), your immune system can usually keep you from getting sick. For this reason, doctors differentiate between:

Latent TB. In this condition, you have a TB infection, but the bacteria remain in your body in an inactive state and do not cause symptoms. Latent tuberculosis, also known as inactive tuberculosis or tuberculosis infection, is not contagious. It can turn into active tuberculosis. Therefore, treatment for the person with latent tuberculosis is important to control the spread of tuberculosis. An estimated 2 billion people have latent tuberculosis.
TB active. This condition makes you sick and in most cases it can spread to others. It can appear in the first few weeks after being infected with the TB bacteria or years later.
The signs and symptoms of active tuberculosis are: Tuberculosis Treatment in Nizamabad

The reasons

Risk factors

Anyone can get tuberculosis, but there are certain things that can increase your risk of getting the disease. These factors include:

Weakened immune system
A healthy immune system is often successful in fighting TB bacteria, but your body cannot provide effective defense when your resistance is low. A number of diseases, conditions, and medications can weaken your immune system, including:


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