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Best Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad

Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad

Delaying treatment for a perforated eardrum can lead to hearing loss. Contact us for painless eardrum surgery or tympanoplasty by top ENT specialists in Hyderabad with very high success and affordable prices. Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad
Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad
About Tympanoplasty Surgery

Ear surgery can be performed to treat a variety of issues, such as: B. Hearing loss, unsightly appearance of the earlobe, etc. Common ear surgery procedures that can be performed to improve hearing include myringoplasty, ossiculoplasty, tympanoplasty, and mastoidectomy. Of these, tympanoplasty is the most common and effective surgery for hearing loss due to ruptured eardrum. If you have hearing problems, you should contact an ENT doctor in your area for treatment. works with the best ENT specialists in Hyderabad to provide all patients with flawless ear surgery and alleviate all their hearing problems. Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad
  • USFDA-Approved Procedure
  • Support in Insurance Claim
  • No-Cost EMI
  • 2-days Hospitalization

Benefits of tympanoplasty

  • Improves hearing
  • Eliminates recurring hearing loss
  • Reduced risk of ear infection
  • Less chance of earache
  • Correct the perforation of the eardrum

Prevention of perforated eardrum
  1. Do not put foreign objects in the ear
  2. Cover your ears when swimming or showering
  3. Do not blow your nose with excessive pressure
  4. Avoid sneezing with your mouth closed
  5. Use earplugs when traveling on the plane
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Diagnosis of hearing loss

Before choosing a treatment for hearing loss, a proper diagnosis is needed to determine the cause and severity of the ear problem. Common diagnostic tests performed to diagnose hearing problems are:

Physical exam: Your doctor will examine the ear canal with a light to check for possible causes such as earwax buildup, inflammation due to infection, structural issues, etc. Your doctor may also do a whisper test. The doctor will cover one ear to see how well you hear words and other sounds at different volume levels. There are also mobile apps that help perform these hearing tests.

Tuning Fork Tests: A tuning fork can be used to detect hearing loss and where there is damage in the ear.
Audiometer tests: Audiometer tests are performed to determine what is the quietest sound you can hear.
hearing loss surgery Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad

There are four main types of ear surgery to correct hearing loss:

Myringoplasty: A myringoplasty is performed to repair a hole in the eardrum by replacing the eardrum with a grafted membrane from elsewhere in the body.

Ossiculoplasty: Ossiculoplasty is the reconstruction of the ossicular chain of the middle ear that has been disrupted or destroyed in order to restore sound/vibration transmission through the middle ear.
Tympanoplasty: A tympanoplasty is done to repair a ruptured eardrum to improve hearing or stop recurring ear infections.

Mastoidectomy: A mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure to reshape/restructure the mastoid bone to remove diseased cells or to treat hearing loss.

Once you have been diagnosed, your surgeon will help you prepare for your surgery. Ear surgery can be performed endoscopically or openly. As a rule, after an endoscopic operation, a small, barely noticeable scar remains in front or behind the ear. The surgeon makes the necessary corrections and then closes the incision with small sutures.

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Dr. Payal Chitranshi is a ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist in Kukatpally, Hyderabad and has an experience of 21 years in this field. Dr. Payal Chitranshi practices at OMNI Hospitals in Kukatpally, Hyderabad and Restore Clinic in KPHB, Hyderabad. She completed MBBS from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion,Mumbai in 2001 and MS – ENT from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion,Mumbai in 2007.

She is a member of Medical Council of India (MCI). Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Ear Reconstruction,Reconstructive Middle Ear Surgery,Hearing Deficiency Assessment,Head and Neck Tumor / Cancer Surgery and Cysts etc Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad

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What are the most common hearing problems?
The most common causes of hearing problems that can lead to permanent hearing loss are Eustachian tube damage/dysfunction, recurrent ear infections, perforated eardrum, cholesteatoma, etc.

Is a tympanoplasty painful?
Tympanoplasty can be performed under general or local anesthesia and is completely painless. You may experience pain and discomfort for the first 24 hours after surgery. This bread can last an entire week in severe cases.

Can hearing problems return after tympanoplasty?
no In general, hearing problems do not recur after tympanoplasty. However, in rare cases, the patient may experience hearing loss if there are extensive scars in the tissues surrounding the eardrum.

Is tympanoplasty covered by health insurance?
Yes, like most other ENT procedures, tympanoplasty is covered by most major insurers. If in doubt about the terms of your insurance policy, you can contact your insurer for more details or contact insurance team.

Can a tympanoplasty affect the sense of taste?
A slight change in taste is common for some time after tympanoplasty. It usually resolves on its own after a while, but in rare cases it can be permanent if the chorda tympani nerve (CTN) is damaged.

What are the benefits of a tympanoplasty?
The benefits of a tympanoplasty include:

It prevents permanent hearing loss
Hearing returns to normal
It prevents recurrent ear infections
It prevents chronic tinnitus and headaches Tympanoplasty Surgery In Hyderabad