Vasculitis Treatment in Hyderabad


Vasculitis causes blood vessels to become inflamed. Inflammation can cause the walls of the blood vessels to thicken and narrow the width of the passage through the vessel. If the blood flow is restricted, it can lead to organ and tissue damage.

There are many types of vasculitis and most of them are rare. Vasculitis can affect one or more organs. The condition can be short term or long term. Vasculitis Treatment in Nizamabad


The general signs and symptoms of most types of vasculitis include:

The reasons

The exact cause of vasculitis is not fully understood. Some types are related to a person’s genome. Others are the result of the immune system’s mistaken attack on blood vessel cells.

Possible triggers for this immune system reaction are:

Risk factors

Vasculitis can happen to anyone. Factors that can increase the risk of certain disorders include:


The complications of vasculitis depend on the type and severity of your condition. Or they could be related to the side effects of the prescription drugs you use to treat the condition.

Complications of vasculitis include:

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