Viral hemorrhagic fevers Treatment Hyderabad


Viral hemorrhagic fevers (hem-uh-RAJ-ik) are infectious diseases that can cause serious and potentially fatal diseases. They can damage the walls of tiny blood vessels, cause them to leak and affect the blood’s ability to clot. The resulting internal bleeding is usually not fatal, but it can be a disease.Viral hemorrhagic fevers Treatment Hyderabad

Some viral hemorrhagic fevers include:


The signs and symptoms of viral hemorrhagic fever vary depending on the illness. In general, the first signs and symptoms can include:

The reasons

Viral hemorrhagic fever spreads through contact with infected animals or insects. The viruses that cause viral hemorrhagic fever live in a wide variety of animal and insect hosts. The hosts usually include mosquitoes, ticks, rodents or bats.

Risk factors

Living or traveling in an area where a particular viral hemorrhagic fever is common increases your risk of getting infected with that particular virus. Other factors that can increase your risk include:


Prevention of viral hemorrhagic fever is a challenge. If you live, work, or travel in areas where these diseases are common, protect yourself from infection by using appropriate protective barriers when working with blood or body fluids. For example, wear gloves and eye and face protection. Precautions also include careful handling, disinfection, and disposal of laboratory samples and waste.Viral hemorrhagic fevers Treatment Hyderabad

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