Voice disorders Treatment in Hyderabad


People develop voice problems for many reasons. Doctors who specialize in ear, nose and throat disorders and specialists in speech therapy are involved in diagnosing and treating voice disorders. Voice disorders Treatment in Nizamabad

Treatment will depend on the cause of your voice disorder, but may include speech therapy, medication, injections, or surgery.

The reasons

Your voice box (larynx) is made up of cartilage, muscles, and mucous membranes located at the top of your windpipe (windpipe) and at the base of your tongue. Your vocal cords are two flexible bands of muscle tissue that lie at the entrance to the windpipe. Sound is created when your vocal cords vibrate. Voice disorders Treatment in Nizamabad

This vibration comes from the air flowing through your larynx, bringing your vocal cords closer together. Your vocal cords also help turn off your voicemail box when you swallow so you can’t breathe food or liquids.

Risk factors

There are many risk factors that can contribute to voice disorder, including:

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