Wilms' tumor Treatment in Hyderabad


Wilms’ tumor is most common in a single kidney, although it sometimes occurs in both kidneys at the same time.

Over the years, advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilms’ tumor have dramatically improved the outlook (prognosis) for children with the disease. With proper treatment, the outlook for most children with Wilms’ tumor is very good. Wilms’ tumor Treatment in Khammam


The signs and symptoms of Wilms’ tumor vary widely, and some children have no obvious signs. But most children with Wilms’ tumor have one or more of these signs and symptoms:

The reasons

It is not known what causes Wilms’ tumor, but in rare cases heredity may play a role.

Cancer begins when cells make mistakes in their DNA. Errors can cause cells to grow and divide uncontrollably and continue to live when other cells die. The cells that accumulate form a tumor. In Wilms’ tumor, this process occurs in kidney cells.

In rare cases, DNA errors that lead to Wilms’ tumor are passed on from the parent to the child. In most cases, there is no known parent-child relationship that could lead to cancer. Wilms’ tumor Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Factors that can increase your risk of developing Wilms’ tumor include:

African American breed. In the United States, African American children are slightly more likely to develop Wilms’ tumor than children of other races. Children of Asian descent appear to be at lower risk than children of other races.
Family history of Wilms tumor. If a family member of your child has had Wilms’ tumor, your child is at increased risk of developing the disease.
Wilms’ tumor is more common in children with certain abnormalities or syndromes at birth, including:

Aniridia. In aniridia (an-ih-RID-e-uh), the iris – the colored part of the eye – is only partially formed or not at all.
Hemihypertrophy. Hemihypertrophy (hem-e-hi-PUR-truh-fee) means that one side of the body or part of the body is noticeably larger than the other side.


All you or your child can do cannot prevent Wilms’ tumor.

If your child has risk factors for Wilms’ tumor (such as known associated syndromes), the doctor may recommend regular kidney ultrasound exams to check for kidney abnormalities. Although this screening cannot prevent Wilms’ tumor, it can help identify the disease early. Wilms’ tumor Treatment in Khammam

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