Wrist pain Treatment in Hyderabad


Often times, wrist pain is caused by a sprain or fracture caused by sudden injury. However, wrist pain can also be due to long-term problems such as repetitive stress, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since there are many factors that can lead to wrist pain, diagnosing the exact cause can be difficult. However, an accurate diagnosis is essential for proper treatment and healing. Wrist pain Treatment in Khammam


Wrist pain can vary depending on the cause. For example, osteoarthritis pain is often described as similar to dull toothache, while carpal tunnel syndrome usually causes a tingling or tingling sensation, especially at night. The exact location of your wrist pain also provides clues as to what is behind your symptoms.

The reasons

Damage to any part of your wrist can cause pain and affect your ability to use your wrist and hand.

Sudden bumps. Wrist injuries are common when they fall on your outstretched hand. It can cause sprains, strains, and even fractures. A scaphoid fracture is a bone on the thumb side of the wrist. This type of fracture may not appear immediately after the injury on x-rays.
Repeated stress. Any activity that causes the wrist to repeat itself – from hitting a tennis ball to waving a cello to driving off-road – can inflame the tissues around the joints or cause stress fractures, especially if the movement is done for hours without stopping. De Quervain’s disease is a repetitive stress injury that causes pain in the base of the thumb. Wrist pain Treatment in Khammam

Risk factors

Wrist pain can happen to anyone – whether you are very sedentary, very active, or somewhere in between. However, your risk can be increased by:


It is impossible to avoid unforeseen events that often lead to wrist injuries. However, these basic tips offer some protection:

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