Atrial flutter Treatment Hyderabad

Atrial flutter Treatment Hyderabad


Atrial flutter
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With atrial flutter, the upper chambers (atria) of your heart beat too quickly. This makes the heart beat fast, but usually steadily.Atrial flutter Treatment Hyderabad

  • Atrial flutter is a type of abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) caused by problems with your heart’s electrical system.
  • Atrial flutter is similar to atrial fibrillation, a common disorder in which the heart beats abnormally. People with atrial flutter have a more organized and less chaotic heartbeat than atrial fibrillation. Sometimes atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation can occur.
  • People with atrial flutter may not have symptoms. However, the disorder can increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, and other complications. There are effective treatments for atrial flutter, including drugs or procedures to heal small areas of tissue in the heart (ablation).Atrial flutter Treatment Hyderabad

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